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  • Training

    Show Judging

    Breed Education Coordinator (BEC)

    Lorraine Priestly has taken on this role for both the ABB and Bloodhound Club and the appointment has been approved by the Kennel Club.

    Over the next few months Lorraine will start to get things moving. Check here or on the show page for information.
    For more information please email

    If you are interested in a breed seminar please let us know.

    Bloodhound Trials Judging Seminar

    The criteria for judging at Bloodhound Trials are changing from 1st January 2019. The old classroom seminars for rules and regulations and planning and management will no longer be held.
    To begin judging.
    A judge must;
    Have the support of the committee
    Have carried out at least 4 assistant appointments
    Have gained experience and helped in the organisation of trials, training days and prestigious stakes.
    Have successfully completed the Kennel club rules and regulations exam on the Kennel Club Academy on line.
    Have successfully participated in a planning and management assessment day organised by the Bloodhound Accredited Trainers.

    From the 1
    st January 2019, candidates must successfully pass the rules and regulations exam on the Kennel Club Academy website. There is a £26.00 joining fee which is payable by candidates. This is comparable to the £25.00 classroom seminar fee and of course incurs no travelling expenses. A guide for Bloodhound trial judges, which gives you all the information and facts you need, can be downloaded from the Kennel Club website
    Candidates who successfully complete the rules and regulations exam need to attend a planning and management assessment day. This is a practical assessment and entails getting out and about and organising a mock trial. Maps, stooge handler and hounds are provided and the delegates work together to plan the day, organising the lines, line walkers and judging the competitors.
    This is followed by a question and answer session. The first planning and management assessment day is to be held on
    SATURDAY 27th APRIL 2019.

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    Part two assessment day
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  • News and Events
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    Please tell us about your news worthy bloodhound

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    Discover Dogs

    Hilary and Morris Dean attended Discover Dogs at ExCel London in October to represent the bloodhound breed. They took along their two hounds and had a great weekend. Between all the attention the hounds received they were able to snatch a few pictures to give us a flavour of the show.

    Thank you for representing the breed

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    The full Times News Paper Report can be down loaded from here.

    First Working Trials in 1898 held in North Yorkshire

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  • Litters
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    There are no litters currently

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