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    The committee are delighted to have been awarded the above certificate after the inspection at the Championship show 2018.

    The next show is the Open Show on the 7th April 2019. Schedule and entry form now available

    As part of the work to remove Bloodhounds from the category 3 list we will have a vet at the show to carry out health assessments. This will use the standard form which can be viewed on the health page.
    Anthony O'Mahony from Ayres Veterinary Practice will be in attendance. Hounds do not have to be entered to take part. The more assessments the better the data. Please see his details here

    *The Kennel Club Registration Number or Authority to Compete Number (hounds registered outside the UK) must be stated or the Entry Form will be returned.
    Show Schedule
    Show Entry form

    Judge: Mrs Valerie Foss

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    Click below to enter via Arena Print on Line
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  • Open Show 2019
    The Open Show on the 7th April 2019 was judged by Mrs Valerie Fosse

    Best in Show Shaw-Browne's Kingshart Middleman

    Res. Best in Show Sutcliffe's Sanft Dawn

    Full results can be down loaded from the results bar.

    Thank you to everyone for attending and all the volunteers that made the show possible.

    Below are some pictures. Full report in the next magazine

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  • Information about Shows and Judges

    The ABB holds two shows a year under Kennel Club rules and show regulations.

    The Spring show is held after the AGM and is an open show,

    September is the Championship Show. Both are held at the Canine Academy, Tollerton.
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    To become a Judge at shows you need to meet the criteria of The Kennel Club. Both clubs provide training support for this. Full details are available on the KC website.
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    Running a show requires a number of people to make it happen. Aspiring judges need to steward and show manage as part of the learning process. If you would like to help out in this way please get in contact.
    Criteria for Judges Kennel Club
    ABB Judges Criteria
    Judges Questionnaire/CV

    Training to be a show judge

    From 2019 the Kennel Club are introducing a new training scheme for all show judges.

    Each Breed will have a BEC, Breed Education Coordinator. They will arrange training, mentoring and other matters related to the JFC.

    Our BEC is Lorraine Priestly.

    As she developed the role, information will be available via the website and magazines. This is a joint action with the Bloodhound Club.


    Judges Competency Framework

    Changes to show judge's education, approval and listing called the Judges Competency Framework will come into effect from 2019 and run alongside the existing system for 3 years. It will effects judges at all levels. Details can be found in this official press release down loadable Here.

    Further details here on JCF

    The levels are shown to give some guidance.

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    Each year the Association of Bloodhound Breeders will call for nominations to the judges lists (you may nominate yourself if you wish) and, after any questionnaires have been completed, the voting will take place as usual with the votes counted by an independent returning officer.
    If you are interested in judging, the Association recommends that you start a portfolio with details of your relevant experience which can then be used for reference when filling in questionnaires. It is important to keep contact information unto date.
    We would remind aspiring judges that the lists are valid for only one year at a time and that inclusion in a list in one year does not necessarily ensure inclusion in future years. Nominations should be sent to Hon Secretary by 26th October each year.

    Abridged Judges list

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