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The Association of Bloodhound Breeders in conjunction with The Bloodhound Club

are holding a Breed Specific Seminar.

Details       here

Click here to read an article published in 'The Scottish Farmer' titled

'On The Bloodhound Trail'

by kind permission of Dave McFadzeon


The following letter was sent to the A.B.B. web site, well done Ian and Keano

A special THANK YOU, must be said to Mr and Mrs Sayles, the owners of Working Trial Ch Cilgwri Uncanny Keano.

In a desperate attempt to help track down a lost toy poodle belonging to a friend of mine, I contacted the Association of Bloodhound Breeders, to see if there was a dog which would be able to track her, as she was eluding us. I was given Mr & Mrs Sayles telephone number. I called and left a message on the answering machine, telling them about her going missing, and us needing to track her whereabouts, etc.

Within a couple of hrs, I had a return call from Mr Sayles, asking me a few brief questions. He IMMEDIATELY left his home, drove down to where we were searching, bringing Keano with him. Within minutes of him arriving, he was at the site where she was last seen, and thats where this fantastic bloodhound, showed us what he could do.

It was not too many minutes before Keano was hot on her trail along with his handler. He FOUND HER and tracked her, until it was too dark to continue.

This gentleman is what dogs are all about. HE IS A CREDIT TO HIS BREED.

He stepped in without hesitation, to help total strangers in another breed, who had lost their dog, and refused any payment for doing so. He also gave a lot of advice on ways to try to recover her, as well as keeping in contact by telephone to offer support and see how the search was going.

Thanks KEANO, on doing such a great job,and for showing us what makes Bloodhounds so special.


Romar Poodles