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The Bloodhound Health Group has produced its Annual Report for 2014

A readable version can be found



A Joint Bloodhound Health Group has been formed by the A.B.B. and the B.C

By collecting relevant data the group hopes to improve our breeding strategies in order to eventually diminish the number of hounds suffering from chronic health conditions. We are aware that this will take several generations of selective breeding to lessen any genetic predispositions.

The information provided to us via the Bloodhound Health Assessment Form will help us greatly in providing data which show areas of incline or decline.

If you are willing to take part in our assessment scheme contact Susan Harrison for an assessment form

The Health Group consists of:

Keith Long (Breed Health Co-ordinator)

Susan Harrison (Breed Health Administrator)

Sue Shaw-Browne VN

Evelyn Burnside

Joan Corner

Lorraine Priestley

Summary of the A.B.B. health survey 2013 can be viewed                     here

Summary of the A.B.B. health survey can be viewed                              here

Breed specific breeding strategy for the Bloodhound can be viewed        here

The Bloodhound - Statement of the health of the breed can be viewed    here