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For details of the latest seminar for aspiring trials judges who wish to judge the senior stake.   Click Here

The Bloodhound

 Health Scheme


As breeders and owners we all want to produce and own sound puppies and eliminate health problems or temperament issues and to improve conformation.

To take part click the button

For a list of Judges approved by The K.C.Ltd. to Judge Bloodhounds and award C.C.s

click here



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Membership forms,Catalogues, Information sheets in PDF format can be downloaded here

Robert Johnson-Ferguson 141 Eastbourne Avenue Gateshead NE8 4NJ

Tel: 07939867217



Welcome to


The association for all with an interest in the bloodhound breed

We hope you find the information you are looking for within this site, but for further enquiries regarding any aspect of the breed, please use the contact button on the left.

For telephone or normal mail, please contact our honorary secretary direct: